Guest Post by Shari Luebbert, pastor, Tapestry Vineyard Church

Humility is a correct understanding of ourselves – neither too high nor too low. It has a way of keeping us as aware of our great frailty as we are of our great strength.

For most of us, lessons in humility usually come at a cost. We are embarrassed when we suffer a great failure though we had absolutely convinced ourselves – and others – we had only sunshine and rainbows ahead of us.

What happens inside of us when humility comes into our lives? The way we see the world is transformed. Arrogance gives way to humble confidence, and pride gives way to a quiet trust in Grace, rather than in our own abilities and talents, to carry us forward.

And through all our transforming lessons, we somehow learn to elevate others above ourselves, to serve others with our gifts, and to truly see others as the immeasurably magnificent treasures they really are.

This Christmas season, I invite everyone to reflect on humility in our own lives and in our community. Within Tapestry Vineyard Church and our community, I hope this will be a time of great service to others and of setting aside our differences, offenses, agendas, and the need to be right – for the betterment of our community.

To help encourage humility and unity in the community, Tapestry created the 2018 Elko New Market Community Advent Calendar: A Humble Christmas with daily inspiration, suggested acts of kindness and, if you’re comfortable, a prayer around which our community can unite. Let’s inspire positive change in our community and in our hearts and others’ this Christmas season as we TAP into humility.