What is the history of the speedway?
The track opened in the summer of 1965 and has since been one of the Midwest’s top short tracks. In 1987, it became one of very few short tracks in the United States to be NASCAR sanctioned. Since 2013, we are the only NASCAR sanctioned asphalt track in Minnesota. In 2014, ELKO! opened a drive-in theater.

What made you choose this type of business?
I love racing and the way it brings people together; race night is a social activity for the community. Many families grow closer by building their race cars together.

What was your mission at the outset?
We’re not just a racetrack, we are an entertainment venue. In addition to racing, events include the Eve of Destruction, outdoor concerts, drive-in movies and many other fun activities for all to enjoy.

What was something unexpected that you learned throughout the years?
The community welcomed the fact that we wanted to become more than a racetrack. They allowed us to become an entertainment center.

To what do you attribute your success?
We’re always seeking more ways to entertain. Our focus is on finding ways to bring people, of all ages, and families in to share the ELKO! experience. The Eve of Destruction, live music and theater additions are all part of giving the track a more family-friendly image – something that ELKO! Speedway has been working hard to promote. Also, we appreciate that the community helps to grow our business by allowing us to experiment with different types of entertainment.