By Dawn Weitzel, Chamber President

In May, Chamber board members approved the hiring of an additional part-time administrative assistant. We were careful about who was selected and put much consideration into choosing someone whose talents complemented the strengths of current staff. Also, we looked for someone who would be best in helping us reach the lofty goals the board set in January.

As all business owners know, hiring employees – whether part-time, full-time, or contract – isn’t something to take lightly. In talking to Chamber members, we all seem to be experiencing a new series of problems. We’re faced with an emerging workforce demanding immediate top wages and new benefits. 

Now, more than ever, business owners need to hire people who meet the requirements for the job and ensure their skills and talents balance the needs of current staff members and customers. Initially, this can be done by tailoring the job ad. A job ad, without specifics, will likely attract those without the necessary skills and force you to sift through irrelevant information that wastes time, costs money, and delays the search. To help you in your quest to hire the right employees, check out the article, “Why Specifics are Important in a Job Ad,” from Grey Search. 

The ENM Chamber of Commerce helps members find qualified employees. Send your job ad to the Chamber for inclusion on Facebook and our website!