By Dawn Weitzel, Chamber President


Millennials. When it comes to marketing to them, I’m still trying to get it right.

This influential population of 22 to 37-year-olds, makes up 27 percent of the U.S. population. When you consider that millennials are overtaking baby boomers in the population (73 million compared to 72 million Boomers), they’re considered a key marketing audience to most businesses. So why do a lot of us find it challenging to reach this generation of consumers?

It takes a change in mindset.

It’s no surprise that social media is the core of the millennial lifestyle; statistics overwhelmingly prove it. According to comprehensive research by Pew Research, IDG Research Group, Digital Marketing Ramblings, and SDL:

  • 87% of millennials use Facebook
  • 53% are on Instagram
  • 37% use Twitter
  • 34% are on Pinterest
  • 63% search social media for coupons
  • 59% of millennials use social media to find information, compared to 29% of Gen Xers, baby boomers, and the silent generation
  • 95% follow brands through social media
  • 5-out-of-6 connect with companies on social media

Without a doubt, internet marketing is a force to be reckoned with, and that goes beyond the millennials. According to Marketing Sherpa, there are currently 3.03 billion active social media users and of those, 2.8 billion access their social media accounts via mobile phone.

Getting messages out through social media channels are constantly changing, technology is rapidly advancing, and user trends are always shifting. Because of this, small business owners need to test new strategies around app updates and evolving consumer behavior. Do your research and do it often! Check out 85+ Social Media Stats & Facts that Matter to Marketers in 2019.

So, how can the Elko New Market Chamber help with your social network outreach? Start with our Facebook page. It has high community engagement with 1,276 Likes and 1,363 followers. The strength of the Chamber’s Facebook page demonstrated itself when I recently posted an employment ad. The information in the post was viewed by 1,500 more people in the area than when it was just on our business page. That’s a huge indicator of how important expanded social media reach is to business success!

I encourage you to send your ads (learn how to make Facebook posts at our free training on May 16) to the Chamber at [email protected] and see how our Facebook page can impact your social media traffic. Remember, when we work together in marketing endeavors, everyone benefits!