Place your vote for the winning scarecrow by Friday, November 1. Click on the images to view them as a larger size.

Thank you to all the businesses that participated!

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(One vote per person.)

Scarecrow #1 – Bodywerks Auto Body Repair

Scarecrow #2 – Firehouse Grille

Scarecrow #3 – Thrivent Financial, The Heritage Group

Scarecrow #4 – Salon Allure

Scarecrow #5 – Anytime Fitness

Scarecrow #6 – Legacy Building

About Forky:

“Forky” is made entirely out of trash and recycled materials like the original Toy Story 4 character.

His spork shaped head is recycled paper, plastic bags, and a soda box. If you look closely you will see the ink on the paper. The paper mache spork was shaped using plastic grocery bags. The bags secure the placement of the head also keeping it from falling. Forky’s eyes are permanent marker. The eyebrows are trimmed Christmas garland. The mouth is a sequins headband. A little blush completes his imperfect look.

The body of Forky is a piece of a fluorescent light fixture that once lit the main room of the Legacy Building. His arms are wire coat hangers wrapped in Christmas garland. The odd shaped character is held up by a mannequin stand that normally holds our angel wings.

Paper grocery bags mimic the putty used to connect the spork to the feet. Lastly, Forky’s feet are ceiling fan blades decorated by Serenity Green (6 years old).

We hope everyone enjoys the adventures of Forky. He doesn’t like to stay put in one place and is always trying to find his way back into the trash.

Scarecrow #7 – Triage Wellness

Scarecrow #8 – Niemeyer Trailer Sales