By Dawn Weitzel, Chamber President

Maybe you’ve noticed the Chamber’s tagline, “Contributing to the economic vitality of Elko New Market,” at the top of our website’s home page. Reduction of local taxes, nearby employment and services delivered by people who care about the community. Facts are facts; small businesses are the backbone of the economy.

But there’s so much more than economic vitality. Our communities need involvement in many other areas. How are you contributing to education, political, cultural and social growth?

The Chamber—and the entire Elko New Market community—relies on your involvement.

Make your voice heard by voting locally.
State and national elections get the most attention, but your vote also matters in school, city and county elections. Attend the October 4 candidate forum and meet local and state candidates. Learn about where they stand on issues of taxes, lack of businesses in the area and ideas for revitalizing Elko New Market.

The candidate forum is scheduled for Thursday, October 4, 7 pm in the ENM Library Community Room. Candidates will participate in a moderated Q&A, and then questions will be taken from the audience.

Follow what’s happening in our schools and local government.
Get to know your representatives and talk to them about your concerns. Attend school board and city council meetings. Volunteer for citizen committees. Check out local government websites and Facebook pages for events taking place or ways to become involved.

Become more involved in the Elko New Market Chamber.
Are you a leader? Maybe you enjoy public speaking or like to organize training sessions. Whatever your talent, the Chamber would like to see and hear from our members more often. Send your ideas for activities and events that you’d like to see, and recommendations for serving our members. Let us know how you can help, such as serving on the board or committee or by sponsoring an event.

The Elko New Market Chamber of Commerce would also like input from the hundreds of residents who read this newsletter. How can our local businesses and Chamber members help the community? What issues should we address? If you’re interested in Chamber membership or just want to volunteer some time, please contact us.

Through action, we move from complacency to vitality. Let’s get energized!

To share your insights, feel free to contact me at:
612-888-ELKO (3556)
PO Box 298
Elko New Market, MN 55020