By Dawn Weitzel, ENM Chamber President

Bylaws may be a dry legalese term, yet they are the foundation of any organization, including the Elko New Market Chamber of Commerce. Our bylaws, carefully developed when our organization was established, guide us procedures and are a resource when questions arise.

Our governing documents, like sound business practices, aren’t meant to sit on the shelf. They’re living documents that need to grow and adapt to our organization. The core elements will stay the same, but the details may need to change to reflect how we work and remain relevant.

Outdated policies can leave the Chamber at risk. Old language may fail to comply with new laws and regulations, which can result in inconsistent and ineffective practices. We also need to keep up to date with technology and organizational best practices.

With that in mind, the Elko New Market Chamber Board of Directors is currently reviewing our bylaws. We’re evaluating procedures and policies, such as membership, officers, committees, and finances. Also, we’re developing additional procedural directions that will improve decisions made by the Board – such as the inclusion of a conflict of interest policy.

But the Board can’t do this alone; your business is our business, so we need your input. Over the years, our membership has grown and developed a stronger voice through the valuable contributions business people like you make to events, procedures and ways the Chamber can further help its members. I encourage you to contact us or come to our Chamber board meetings with ideas. We meet the second Tuesday of the month from 9-11 a.m. at New Market Bank. Your questions, insights and beliefs matter, so bring any concerns or input you have regarding our business community. If you’d like to review a copy of the current bylaws, contact us at

Rest assured, the Chamber is always looking out for the best interests of its members as we work together to contribute to the success of our local businesses and the economic vitality of the Elko New Market community.


Photo credit: helloquence on unsplash