A Chat with Chad Keppers, Owner

What is PikeBuck Industries?
PikeBuck Industries is a leader in producing vibratory feeder bowls and systems for many of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical and manufacturing businesses. Some people think of vibratory bowl feeder systems as a means to an end – orient the items properly, deliver a specific number per minute and reduce costs and errors. At PikeBuck, we think of our systems as elegant examples of ingenuity. Because we build each system, forging them with exacting standards from raw sheet-metal, we take pride in their precision, longevity and usability.


How did you get started in this business?  
I worked for a similar company and noticed quality issues. Seven years ago, with determination, a strong work ethic and the support of family, I created PikeBuck Industries, and we have continually shown aggressive growth. Success didn’t come easily, but when you have the talented staff that we have, you can’t go wrong. Together, we work hard and play hard! This business model builds a strong and committed team in providing superior products and satisfied customers.

Is there a story behind the name PikeBuck?
I am an outdoorsman who enjoys the challenge of spear fishing for northern pike in the winter and bowhunting large game whenever possible. We merged my two interests into one word. It’s a unique name that stands out – like our products.

What is one of your biggest challenges as a business owner?
Many skills go into making a vibratory system. The search for employees who fit our specific needs is a difficult task. We need a multitasker – a motivated independent thinker, machinist, welder, artist, engineer and electrician. I’m always looking for employees with some of those skill sets and a great personality.