Sitting Down with Shari Luebbert

Our member profile this month is Tapestry Vineyard Church in Elko New Market. This unique ministry, originating from the “Jesus People” movement of the 1960s, meets in Firefly Coffee Co. at 14 Church Street.

The Vineyard denomination’s vision is to make faith a part of everyday life. Rick and Shari Luebbert, Tapestry Vineyard Church pastors and owners of Firefly Coffee Co., focus on offering a worship environment that is safe, happy, and one that positively contributes to the community.

Shari states, “We want people to feel good when walking through the doors. This is a community of worshipers and artists for the glory of God and it’s the happiest place in Elko New Market!”

How does the ministry of Tapestry blend with the Firefly Coffee Co.?

We “close” Firefly at 10 a.m. on Sundays for church service. The coffee shop then becomes a place for people to join in community, participate in worship music, hear a biblical message, and then extend love to all.

We take on tough questions from a biblical context. Sometimes there are answers, and sometimes there may not be. Tapestry also has a prayer wall where we pray over people who come in with heavy hearts.

What’s ahead for Tapestry?

Tapestry Vineyard Church offers many programs to residents and businesspeople throughout the year. At the end of October, we’re offering a leadership training weekend. Enneagram training is a personality typing tool that supports individual and team development. Participants are provided with techniques for understanding and appreciating others.

Also, we’re working to establish a church where the next generation is comfortable. On Fridays, Tapestry Vineyard Church offers a separate opportunity for 18 to 25-year-olds to worship. There are upwards of 60 young people that come. This schedule will be changing, so people should contact us about future gatherings.

What advice do you have for the business community?

First, make sure you have a time of quiet reflection during the day. Second, keep “not quitting.” Find people with encouraging stories to get you past the point of giving up. You’ll be strong someday.

Also, it’s essential to support a cause. Tapestry Vineyard Church embraces values of social justice and errs on the side of helping those in need. We have concern for the poor, weak, children, widows, and those who are marginalized. An example is our work with Project Ignite Light, which provides children, who may be sexually or physically abused or neglected, with essential items after examination by Children’s Advocacy Centers around the U.S.

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