Meet Danielle Holst. She works with RES Realty and Komo Construction of Lakeville/Elko New Market. She’s a full-time licensed Realtor who focuses on existing and new construction residential real estate.

With a passion for people, Danielle truly enjoys every aspect of real estate. Her professional background includes positions in the medical field and sales. Real estate is a natural fit for her experience and skills as she’s outgoing, motivated and a caretaker. Danielle lives in ENM and loves the community and its people.

What is the most important advice that you offer buyers and sellers?

Make sure your real estate professional is working for you and your best interests. Your Realtor should be someone you can trust with your life. Interview more than one agent to be sure they are a good fit to represent you in the transaction.

How has the housing market changed over the last year?

The market is very competitive right now. It’s a sellers’ market, but also a great time to buy. The economy is good, interest rates are still low, and there are many opportunities out there. You have to work for it!

What is the market like in this area?

As of today, the average sales price in ENM is around $324K (up almost seven percent). The average time on market is about 48 days. The inventory is still low; the average price/square foot is up six percent. I look forward to seeing the housing market boom in this area with existing and new construction.

What are qualities that a seller should look for in a real estate agent? How many should be interviewed?

The most important qualities that you should look for in an agent are trust, communication, and chemistry. (This is the short version – I could go on for days!)

First, without trust in your real estate professional, you have nothing. I’m always willing to provide references to my future clients so they can feel comfortable working with me. I want them to trust that I’m doing the best job for them—that I’m always working for them and their best interests.

Second, make communication short and sweet. I always email, text, or pick up the phone for my clients. If I am not available at that moment, I make sure to let them know ASAP when I can get back to them. There are a lot of questions, concerns, and conversations that come up before, during, and after a real estate transaction, so I’m without a doubt always there. If I don’t know the answer at the time, I will find it.

And third, it’s about chemistry. When choosing your Realtor, make sure you like one another; it’s as simple as that. Interviewing Realtors is a lot of work. I recommend interviewing two or three, but I have had a client interview six.

What are people looking for when buying? Is there any way people can prepare to sell? 

People are looking for every type of property right now. However, a clean, updated, nice location seems to be the top requirement. Since there are many things to do to prepare to sell, feel free to call me.

On average, how long are homes taking to sell? 

Many homes are selling with multiple offers in as little as a few days – if they are priced accordingly – with the seller likely get the most ROI. It’s a fairly quick process.

Where are the hot areas for purchasing a home right now?


If you are looking to buy or sell, or just have questions about real estate, call/text Danielle at 612-751-9670 or email [email protected].