Scott County, applying on behalf of the City of Elko New Market, has received a Highway Safety Improvement Project (HSIP) Grant to install a roundabout at the intersection of County Road 2 (260th Street) and County Road 91 (Natchez Avenue). The $2-million grant is a 90-10 grant, with the federal government paying 90% and the local government paying 10%. The project was one of the highest-scoring, metro-area projects considered for the extremely competitive grant.

Scott County proposed the roundabout because it, better than any other intersection control options, addresses the severity of accidents currently experienced at the intersection, will accommodate anticipated growth in the community, and reduces wait times to enter or cross the intersection. The design recommended by the City’s engineering firm, Bolton & Menk, includes a dedicated right-turn lane from northbound County Road 91 to eastbound County Road 2 to minimize congestion in the roundabout.

The total project costs are estimated at $2.4 million, with the federal government covering $1,792,000 and the City responsible for remaining costs. For each $100,000 in City costs, residents can expect to pay an additional $6.50-$7/year in taxes for 15 years. The tax impact to businesses is yet unknown.

Bolton & Menk and the City of Elko New Market recently held a meeting with business representatives, and an open house for residents and interested parties, to gather feedback on priorities for site amenities such as continuous lighting between the roundabout and downtown, trail connections, landscaping, etc., that may be installed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and livability within the City. If installed with the roundabout construction, the cost of amenities could be rolled into the project financing. If installed at a future date, independent of the project, the City would have to budget for the enhancements in its Capital Improvement Plan.

Amenities and possible costs:

  • Trail Connections:
    • Co Rd 91 from Aaron Drive to Co Rd 2: $145,000
    • Along Co Rd 2 from Co Rd 91 to Marketplace Blvd: $205,000
  • Lighting from roundabout to downtown: $150,000-$815,000+
  • Landscaping, ranging from street trees to flowering trees to perennials, ornamental grasses: $75,000-$250,000
  • Streetscapes (at/in roundabout), ranging from seeding to ornamental trees and grasses to art: $0-$150,000
  • Monument: $20,000-$60,000
  • Pavement such as decorative pavement, colored/stamped, pavers, enhanced paving: $120,000-$380,000
  • Site furniture & amenities: banner poles ($45,000), banner poles with light ($120,000), benches ($800)

The City and its engineering company are committed to working with business interests as this project progresses. While every effort was made to contact businesses that may be affected by the reconstruction of the intersection, some may have been missed. If your business was not notified of the initial presentation to business representatives on Tuesday, February 27, please contact City Administrator Thomas Terry at or 952.461.2777 to be included in the future.

The City Council will discuss the project at its Thursday, March 22, 2018, business meeting.

Project Timeline:

2018: Concept Development
2019: Final Design
2020: Construction