This month we talked with Darren Picket, owner of DP Paint, who moved to Elko New Market 17 years ago because it was a growing small community and a great area to raise a family. He established his company about the same time and has since grown it into one of the longest-standing, more successful small businesses in Elko New Market.

When and why did you start DP Paint?

I started helping people with home and restoration projects when I was in my teens and into my twenties. Several of them were painting projects. It just took off from there. I started the company officially in 2001, and its continued to grow by doing great work for customers and then those customers referred me to others. It has just gotten bigger and bigger.

What type of painting services do you provide?

We are more than a painting company. We have expanded to a construction company that handles any and all types of repairs, restorations and construction projects, with painting being a big part of our business. With painting, we do interior, exterior, custom, residential, commercial, industrial, fire, water damage, etc.

Besides yourself, how many employees do you have?

We are a family owned local business that hires skilled and professional workers and vendors that help build and grow our business to what it is today.

What sets DP Paint apart from other painting services?

We provide the highest standard of service, knowledge, products, and warranties. Our customers deserve only the best and that is what we provide – the best!

Looking back on your career, what are you most proud of?

All of it – from my humble beginnings to being one of the bigger small business owners in the south metro.

How has your business and the industry changed since you started?

I have adapted to the changing dynamics of business especially with computer technology taking our business to a whole new level. The industry is always changing with new products and ideas that we’ve incorporated into our work when it makes sense for us. I’ve always said, “if you do not change with industry, it will change you and usually not for the good.”

What is the best piece of business/entrepreneurial advice anyone has given you?

Never put all you eggs in one basket!